Option 1

Shoe Review

Coming soon! Our shoe review service will include length and width measurements of both feet and an assessment of arch height and overall foot volume. We'll ask you about any foot issues you experience while riding your bike and seek to match you to the most appropriate among our range of shoes and insoles. This service can include cleat fitting and adjustment and foot correction if needed.
We typically allow 30 minutes for a comprehensive shoe review at a cost of $65. The cost of your review can be offset against the price of new shoes purchased from us.

Step 1

Initial assessment

Coming soon! Please use the initial interview form on our FAQ's & Forms page to help us gather important information about you. We need to know as much about your cycling history as possible and your feet in particular to ensure our assessment and recommendations can be as accurate as possible. How long have you been riding? How much and what type of riding do you do? Where do you ride? Do you own multiple pairs of shoes and which one do you find the most comfortable? We'll ask you about your short, medium and long-term goals and any training or complementary activities that you participate in.

Past and current injuries and chronic health conditions will also affect how your feet engage with the pedals and whether corrective measures will be required.

Step 2

Measure twice. Buy once

Coming soon!

Step 3

Confirm your size

Coming soon!

Step 4

Fit or adjust cleats, insoles, shims or wedges

Coming soon!