Our mission

Comfort, performance, resilience, happiness

We fit bikes to people. Not the other way around.
Welcome to The Bike Fitter. We want to ensure that you enjoy every moment aboard your beautiful bicycle on the road, gravel or wherever your adventures may take you.

The right fit for you!

We provide a range of services to help optimise your position, comfort and performance on your bike. Whether your goal is a multi-day adventure or a coffee ride with friends, your time on the bike should be enjoyable. 
Discomfort should not be accepted as a normal part of cycling. Discomfort is your body's way of telling you that something isn't right. Ignoring it doesn't make you a tougher cyclist, but it can certainly make you an injured cyclist. Overuse and compensatory injuries initiated by a poor position can ruin your ride or even keep you off the bike altogether.

Option 1

Shoe Review

Coming soon! Our shoe review service will include length and width measurements of both feet and an assessment of arch height and overall foot volume. We'll ask you about any foot issues you experience while riding your bike and seek to match you to the most appropriate among our range of shoes and insoles. This service can include cleat fitting and adjustment if needed. Learn more......

Option 2

Bike Sizing

Bike sizing is ideal for those who don't already have a bicycle or are looking to purchase a different style of bicycle. For example, an MTB rider wanting to join the local road crew. We'll ask you about your cycling history, current and future goals and anything that may affect your comfort on the bike such as past or current injuries. We'll take some measurements and recommend the most appropriate size for you. Learn More......

Option 3

Dynamic Bike Fit

The Dynamic Bike Fit is a comprehensive service that assumes nothing and investigates everything relevant to your position on the bike. We will do an initial health screening, ask you about your cycling history, injuries, current and future goals and perform some functional movement assessments. Then will we ask you to ride your bike 'as is' while we observe your position and cycling mechanics. Noting your reason for seeking a bike fit we'll then work with you to find an optimal position, adjusting or adapting the bike where necessary. Learn more.....

Option 4

The "I just need....." Fit

Unfortunately, self-assessing bike fit issues can be problematic. That's why bike fitters exist. Where functional assessment of the rider and adjustments to the bicycle are likely to be required, we encourage clients to choose a Dynamic Bike Fit. Sometimes, however, an ad hoc session is enough to produce an optimal outcome. The "I just need...." Fit may be suitable as a regular follow up to a Dynamic Bike Fit or to test a new position or equipment. Learn more.....