Option 4

The "I just need....." Fit

Unfortunately, self-assessing bike fit issues can be problematic. That's why bike fitters exist. Where functional assessment of the rider and adjustments to the bicycle are likely to be required, we encourage clients to choose a Dynamic Bike Fit. Sometimes, however, an ad hoc session is enough to produce an optimal outcome. The "I just need...." Fit may be suitable as a regular follow up to a Dynamic Bike Fit or to test a new position or equipment subsequent to a Dynamic Bike Fit.
We typically allow 1 hour for this session at a cost of $130, but if additional time is required it will be charged in 30 minute blocks or part thereof at a rate of $65. Priority is given to Dynamic Bike Fit clients so we may not always have time available to extend the session. You are welcome to book in for additional time at a later date. Note that our money-back guarantee only applies to our Dynamic Bike Fit.

Step 1

Ride your bike

If you have had a Dynamic Bike Fit with us within the last 2 years we'll refer to the notes in your fit history and chat with you briefly to update it. We'll then attend to your requests in a logical order based on the severity of the issue and time required to complete each task. If it's been more than 2 years or you've been injured since your last fit we suggest booking in for a Dynamic Bike Fit to ensure we have enough time.

If you haven't had a Dynamic Bike Fit with us before, we will evaluate the most serious of the issues you mention to us and focus on the most likely solutions. We apply the same attention to detail as our Dynamic Bike Fit, however, due to the limited time available and the lack of a pre-fit interview and physical assessment we cannot offer a money-back guarantee. 

After any initial discussions we'll ask you to ride your bike on our indoor trainer. We will observe your position and cycling mechanics 'as is' before making any adjustments. What seems insignificant to you may be significant to us so we'll ask for specific feedback regarding the issues you have described. We'll then work with you to find as close to an optimal position as possible in the time available. Addressing each issue in a logical order and noting the results of each adjustment.

Step 2

Make the necessary adjustments

It's important to make only one adjustment at a time to try and isolate cause and effect to the greatest degree possible. Those adjustments may be straight forward such as changing saddle height, or more complicated such as changing parts. Some adjustments may be made in stages to allow you to evaluate their success before making further adjustments or changing focus to another issue or area of the bike.

Once your fit session is complete we will encourage you to spend as much time on the bike as possible to acclimatise to your new position. This may take as long as 4 weeks depending on the number, nature and extent of adjustments. You should only ride moderate distances or intensity during this time to allow your body to adapt. Pushing too hard to soon will trigger old neurological habits and make it more difficult for you to get comfortable and enjoy the benefits of your new position.