Option 3

Dynamic Bike Fit

The Dynamic Bike Fit is a comprehensive service that assumes nothing and investigates everything relevant to your position on the bike. We will do an initial health screening, ask you about your cycling history, injuries, current and future goals and perform some functional movement assessments. Then will we ask you to ride your bike 'as is' while we observe your position and cycling mechanics. Noting your reason for seeking a bike fit we'll then work with you to find an optimal position, adjusting or adapting the bike where necessary. We are confident in our knowledge and process and offer a 'money back if not satisfied' guarantee (see FAQ's & Forms for details).
We typically allow 3 hours for a comprehensive Dynamic Bike Fit at a cost of $350. This session assumes one bicycle and includes basic mechanical work performed during the fit. It does not include the cost of parts or accessories. If extra time is required it will be charged in 30 minute blocks or part thereof at a rate of $65. If you have multiple bicycles of the same type, eg, road bike, we charge an additional $130 per bicycle to cover setup and labour. Dynamic Bike Fit clients are entitled to a complementary 1 hour review session between 1 and 3 months after your fit.

Step 1

Initial interview & assessment

Please use the initial interview form on our FAQ's & Forms page to help us gather important information about you. We need to know as much about your cycling history as possible so that we can account for your specific needs as we seek to achieve an optimal position. How long have you been riding? How much and what type of riding do you do? Where do you ride? Do you own multiple bikes and which one do you find the most comfortable? We'll ask you about your short, medium and long-term goals and any training or complementary activities that you participate in.

Flexibility, range of motion, past and current injuries and chronic health conditions will also affect your ability to cope with a particular type of bike and the positional demands it places upon the rider. A basic health questionnaire and functional assessment will provide valuable information that will inform our decisions during your fit session. 

Step 2

Ride your bike

Only after we've completed the initial interview and assessment will we ask you to ride your bike on our indoor trainer. We will observe your position and cycling mechanics 'as is' before making any adjustments. We'll ask for specific feedback regarding the issues you have described during your interview. We'll then work with you to find an optimal position, addressing each issue in a logical order and noting the results of each adjustment. It's important to make only one adjustment at a time to try and isolate cause and effect to the greatest degree possible.

An issue may result in a variety of symptoms and conversely, a symptom may have a variety of causes. Careful observation and sound anatomical and biomechanical knowledge are essential when trying to diagnose and remediate position related issues.

Step 3

Make the necessary adjustments

Throughout your time on the bike we will continue to make adjustments and seek feedback until you and we are satisfied with your position. Those adjustments may be straight forward such as changing saddle height, or more complicated such as changing parts. Some adjustments may be made in stages to allow you to evaluate their success before making further adjustments or changing focus to another issue or area of the bike.

Once your fit is complete we will encourage you to spend as much time on the bike as possible to acclimatise to your new position. This may take as long as 4 weeks depending on the number, nature and extent of adjustments. You should only ride moderate distances or intensity during this time to allow your body to adapt. Pushing too hard to soon will trigger old neurological habits and make it more difficult for you to get comfortable and enjoy the benefits of your new position.