Option 2

Bike Sizing

Bike sizing is ideal for those who don't already have a bicycle or are looking to purchase a different style of bicycle. For example, an MTB rider wanting to join the local road crew. We'll ask you about your cycling history, current and future goals and anything that may affect your comfort on the bicycle such as past or current injuries. We'll take some measurements and recommend the most appropriate size for you.
We typically allow 1 hour for a bike sizing session at a cost of $110. The cost of your session can be offset against the price of a Dynamic Bike Fit if booked within 30 days of your sizing session.

Step 1

Initial interview

Please use the initial interview form on our FAQ's & Forms page to help us gather important information about you. We need to know as much about your cycling history as possible so that our sizing recommendation can be as accurate as possible. How long have you been riding? How much and what type of riding do you do? Where do you ride? Do you own multiple bikes and which one do you find the most comfortable? We'll ask you about your short, medium and long-term goals and any training or complementary activities that you participate in.

Past and current injuries and chronic health conditions will also affect your ability to cope with a particular type of bike and the positional demands it places upon the rider. We combine all of this information to ensure that we can identify the type of bike that is best suited to your needs.

Step 2

Measure twice. Buy once

You've probably heard the old saying, "Measure twice. Cut once." Too often people purchase a bike without taking accurate measurements first or rely on the size of a previous bike of a different type, brand or model year. During the sizing session we will obtain a measurements such as foot, leg, torso and arm length and shoulder and sit bone width. We can use these, in combination with your cycling history, to narrow down not only the appropriate size, but potentially the most appropriate brand and model for you. This can prevent the heartache and expense that can result from a poorly fitting bike.

If you have a bike that you want to use as inspiration for your next purchase please bring it with you, however, we don't perform any adjustments during a sizing session.

Step 3

Review your options

When it comes to selecting a particular size, not all brands are equal. In some brands you may be a medium while in others you may be a large. What matters most is a bike's geometry. Dimensions such as stack, reach and stand over height to name a few. It is important to know the specific model year of the bike that you wish to purchase as the dimensions may change from year to year.

We can either review the geometry of your dream bike or find an appropriate bike using several databases containing many hundreds of brands and models. Either way, you can have confidence that your next bike is the right bike for you.